Brane Mozetič

MozeticBrane Mozetič is a Slovenian writer who has published twelve volumes of poetry, two novels, and a short story collection. He has also edited three anthologies, and has translated numerous authors from the French including Rimbaud, Genet, Foucault, Guibert, Dustan, Cliff, and Brossard. For many years he has been active in civil social movements and leader of the gay movement in Slovenia; he directs two literary collections (Aleph and Lambda) and is director of the Center for Slovenian Literature.  His books in English include Butterflies and Passion (Talisman House) and the forthcoming novel Lost Story (Talisman House). English translations of his poems have been published in Poetry International, Another Chicago Magazine, Transcript, Verse, Prague Literary Revue, Chroma, and elsewhere.