Fundraiser Chapbook: Strong by Pat Parker

Strong - CoverIn 2016, A Midsummer Night’s Press & Sinister Wisdom will publish The Complete Works of Pat Parker as part of our Sapphic Classics series. This project is a major undertaking for us, and will be larger (and more expensive to produce!) than any of our previous titles. We are still unearthing new writing and other material from various archives, and don’t yet know how big the final book will be.

To help raise funds for this project, both the continued research as well as printing and promotion next year, we’re publishing an exclusive 56-page chapbook featuring 3 long poems by Pat Parker and an original introduction about Parker’s work by Cheryl Clarke.

Strong: Three Poems by Pat Parker with an introduction by Cheryl Clarke will be available ONLY as part of the fundraiser, direct from us, as a thank you for all donations of $15 or more ($20 or more to cover postage for non-US destinations).

Donations of any amount (no matter how big or small) to help support this project are gratefully welcome!

One of the exemplary voices of feminist poetry, Pat Parker was beloved in lesbian- feminist communities during the 1960s, 70s and 80s. She was the author of five collections of poetry, including the iconic collections Movement in Black and Jonestown & Other Madness. Based in the San Francisco bay area, she traveled around the country performing her powerful poems and giving voice to the experiences of African-American lesbians.

Writing about Parker’s work in The Journal of Lesbian Studies, David B. Green says:

“Parker’s life and work must be recovered, particularly during a moment in the United States where chants of #blacklivesmatter continue to highlight what many activists before already knew: a corrupt and racist U.S. justice system that continues to violently enact what must be called, echoing Parker, “blackslaughter”—or the State sanctioned murdering of unarmed black men and women simply because they dare to be black in a thoroughly mythical “post-racial” America. Parker, like a number of her ancestors and contemporaries, has long desired to indict the U.S. justice system for its inhumane treatment of African Americans and women.”

It is our hope that The Complete Works of Pat Parker will not just celebrate Parker’s important contribution but help introduce her legacy to a new generation of readers.

We appreciate your support for making this project a reality—and for helping to spread the word about it.

We don’t yet know what the final price will be for The Complete Works of Pat Parker. More information, including a publication date (anticipated for Spring/Summer) will be announced early in 2016.

One way to ensure that you get a copy is to subscribe to Sinister Wisdom, which offers 4 issues per year for just $30 (including the one Sapphic Classic volume co-published each year with A Midsummer Night’s Press). Subscription information can be found here:

Copies of Strong: Three Poems by Pat Parker will start to ship November 23rd, 2015.