Anything Could Happen by Jana Putrle Srdić

We push what deSrdic_coverprives us of light out
of our focus, heaping wobbly chairs,
unused tables, empty frames
into our guestroom. Some spaces we never
use, at least not with
each other.
From “The Dark Green Poem”

Jana Putrle Srdić’s poetry is widely published in both her native Slovenia and abroad (she’s been translated into twelve languages). Anything Could Happen is the first collection of work in English.

This sampling of poems from her first three collections shows off her range of subjects and language–work that is sometimes dark, sometimes playful, but always reveals her astute and acerbic eye on culture and, especially, relationships.

Jana Putrle Srdić (1975, Ljubljana) is a poet, art film reviewer, and translator of poetry who lives in Ljubljana, where she works as a visual art producer. She has published three collections of poems to date, and also translates poetry from English, Russian, and Serbian, including collections by Robert Hass, Sapphire, Ana Ristović, and other authors.

Anything Could Happen
by Jana Putrle Srdić
translated by Barbara Jurša
Periscope 02

ISBN: 978-1-938334-13-9

48 pages/perfect bound
Publication date: 1 November 2014

US: $10.95
UK: £6.99
Europe: 8,50€