Fortunate Light by David Bergman

Bergman_cover                    …But happiest

of all must be this fortunate light
that tonight has, through open windows,
fallen on the closed lids of the one
who lies asleep and still beside me.

From “The Fortunate Light”

Each poem in Fortunate Light is an exquisite construction: sharply observed, carefully written, transcendent, and transformative. Bergman is one of our best poets, working at the height of his powers. As poetry editor for The Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide, Bergman has helped innumerable queer poets find an audience for their work, but his real gift to readers, however, is his own poetry. Bergman’s poems alternate between tenderness and sexuality, nostalgia and humor, delight and surprise. Fortunate Light will captivate Bergman’s current fans and win him many more.

David Bergman‘s previous poetry titles include Heroic Measures (Ohio State University Press) and The Care and Treatment of Pain (Kairos Editions). He won the the George Elliston Poetry Prize for his poetry collection Cracking the Code and the Lambda Literary Award for his anthology Men on Men 2000. His poems have appeared in The Paris Review, The New Republic, Poetry, and The Yale Review, among other journals. He is Professor of English & Cultural Studies at Towson University in Maryland.

by David Bergman
Body Language 09
ISBN-13: 978-1-938334-02-3
ISBN-10: 1938334027
Poetry/Gay Studies
40 pages/perfect bound
Publication date: 15 March 2013
US: $ 10.95
UK: £6.99
Europe: €8.50

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